Included with your puppy:

  • Vet Exam

  • First Vaccinations 6 &9 week

  • Micro chip

  • Embark DNA Testing
  • Written Contract

  • Lifetime Breeder Support

  • Written Health Guarantee

  • Life's Abundance Puppy food
  • Pictures of both parents

  • Bia the mother a Blue Fawn

  • Casper the Father is a Red Pied
  • The Puppies can leave for their new Homes after 9 weeks.
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  • IMG_5273.JPG
  • male #1

Male #1:


This very handsome male has very unique markings and is very talkative. He is friendly and playful.

You can arrow thru my pictures with your phone or computer. :)

  • IMG_5293.JPG
  • IMG_5313.JPG
  • IMG_5287.JPG
  • IMG_5302.JPG
  • IMG_5045.jpg
  • Male #2
  • Male #2

Male #2

SOLD to Kati

This very sweet male has brindle and a dot on his neck and is very talkative. He is very laid back and playful.

  • IMG_5030.jpg
  • male #3
  • IMG_5020.jpg
  • IMG_5012.jpg
  • male #3

Male #3

Reserved for Katlyn.

This little guy has very interesting markings on his back and side. It looks like he has a snake or an arrow. He is outgoing and talkative.

  • IMG_5060.jpg
  • IMG_4894.jpg
  • Little girl
  • IMG_5049.jpg
  • Mommy & daughter
  • little girl
  • little girl

The Girl

Reserved to Breanna, Chris & Dottie.

She looks a lot like her mommy. With lots of brindle and white feet. She is the laid back and talkative.

  • IMG_5593.JPG
  • IMG_5581.JPG
  • IMG_5541.JPG
  • IMG_5502.JPG
  • IMG_5481.JPG
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  • IMG_5508.JPG
  • IMG_4934.jpg
  • male#4
  • male #4
  • male #4

Male #4

Oliver Sold to Ginger & Ken

He looks like he is wearing saddle. He even has black & white ears. Very friendly & sweet. Loves sleeping on his back and loves to talk. He is laid back and sweet with children.

  • IMG_5342.JPG
  • IMG_4994.jpg
  • IMG_5329.JPG
  • IMG_4999.jpg
  • IMG_4991.jpg
  • male #5
  • male #5
  • male #5

Male #5

Reserved for Carolyn.

He has lots freckles on his face, He has black & white ears and brindle on his face. He is very playful and loves to give kisses.

  • IMG_5451.JPG
  • IMG_5448.JPG
  • IMG_5204.JPG
  • IMG_5450.JPG
  • IMG_5210.JPG
  • IMG_4956.jpg
  • IMG_5203.JPG
  • male #6
  • male #6
  • male #6
  • male #6

Male #6


This guy LOVES to snuggle and is very talkative. He is mostly black with very little brindle.

The Available Male puppy #4

The Available Male puppy playing at 9 weeks with Lauryn.

Our puppies are raised in our home as part of the family. They are socialized with other dogs of all sizes and ages, cats, toddlers, children, adults, and various noises they will encounter in their lifetime.

We perform Early Neurological Stimulation on our puppies which has proven to create more stable temperaments as well as a well adjusted puppy. We start potty training at 3 weeks old and provide the puppies with various toys and surfaces to walk and play on.

We will take back any of our puppies at any point in their lifetime for any reason. We also provide lifetime support if issues should arise and you have questions.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help you find a new family member.

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