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Magnolia, is a Merle colored French Bulldog. She, Is very sweet, Athletic and very cuddly. *She is being breed to Gus and will have puppies in August 2018* Magnolia Passed with flying colors on her health testing. Her hips, elbows, knees and heart have been tested. She also has been DNA Health tested thru Embark.


Bia, is a Blue Fawn Female. She is very sweet, Playful,and laid back. She had 3 beautiful Blue Males on 5/19/18. Bia, has been DNA health Tested with Embark, her knees, elbows, have also been tested and found good.

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Casper, is a Red pied. He is the Father of Bia's 3 blue males. He is sweet and playful.


Gidget, is 75% French Bulldog & 25 Boston Terrier. She is very loyal, sweet, a wonderful mother and our guard dog. :) She has been DNA health Tested with Embark and has a clean bill of Health.

B & G
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Gus, is sweet, energetic, playful, easy going, handsome and cuddly. He is the Father of Gidget & Magnolia's upcoming litters. He has been DNA Health tested with Embark.

Gus & Tyler the Cat

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