Magnolia, is a Merle colored French Bulldog. She, Is very sweet, Athletic and very cuddly. Magnolia had 7 puppies 8/7/18 * Magnolia Passed with flying colors on her health testing. Her hips, elbows, knees and heart have been tested. She also has been DNA Health tested thru Embark here is a link to her results.

The only Colors recognized by the AKC Are *Color: Acceptable colors: white, cream, fawn (ranging from light fawn to a red fawn) Please visit our frequently asked questions page for more information or the AKC's website. We feel Honesty is the Best Policy. Some Breeders lie to the AKC for their paperwork we will not. The Embark test shows Magnolia is 100% French Bulldog.

Spot is the Father of Magnolia's Litter

Spot, is AKC registered. He is a very sweet boy.



Bia, is a Blue Fawn Female. She is very sweet, Playful, she is protective and likes to be the Queen Bee. Bia, has been DNA health Tested with Embark, her knees, elbows, have also been tested and found good.


Gidget, is 75% French Bulldog & 25 Boston Terrier. She is very loyal, sweet, a wonderful mother and our guard dog. :) She has been DNA health Tested with Embark and has a clean bill of Health.


Gus, is sweet, energetic, playful, easy going, handsome and cuddly. He loves being the center of attention. He has been DNA Health tested with Embark.

Gus & Tyler the Cat