What percentage of French Bulldogs that Embark has tested have a copy of Chondrodystrophy and Intervertebral Disc Disease, CDDY/IVDD, Type I IVDD?

Jess B. (embarkvet)

Sep 9, 2020, 10:23 AM EDT

Hello Trisha,

Thanks for reaching out to us here at Embark! My apologies for the delay in response, as we have been handling a much higher volume of inquiries than usual. We appreciate your patience!

While I don't have specific published Embark statistics to share at this time, the majority of Embark-tested French Bulldogs do have at least one copy of the variant. Statistics published by other researchers show almost a 90% allele frequency within the breed.

If we can assist with anything further, please feel free to reach out.



Embark Vet