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What do you feed your French Bulldogs?

The Best Food for Your Dog

We all want to feed the best food to our furry friend. Where do you start when looking for the best food?

Has the food you are feeding or are considering been recalled? You can look here on the FDA’s website.

Where is the pet food or treats made? Is it made in China? Thousands of pets have died or suffered thanks to poisonous or contaminated food and treats.

Avoid Rawhides they are a choking Hazard filled with chemicals and made in China.

Avoid Greenies I have a friend that had her French Bulldog choke and die eating a Greenies.

Is your Vet recommending a particular brand? Interestingly enough Mars the candy company owns all VCA as well as 9 other Veterinarian offices and diagnostics labs. Mars also owns 29 different pet food and treats companies.

Grain free or raw diets ? Did you know that a grain free / raw diets are linked to deadly heart disease, Dilated Cardiomyopathy, aka, DCM ? The journal of Veterinarian medicine does not recommend grain free or raw diets.

Artificial Preservatives in Dog Food? Yes, pet food has a 2-year shelf life thanks to preservatives. Ethoxyquin, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT).

Having problems finding pet food shortages? After doing my research I decided on buying my Food directly from the dog food manufacture to ensure freshness made and sent to me within 6 weeks of it being made. I found that I never have to worry about supply chain issues when buying direct. I also have the peace of mind of knowing if there ever is a recall the manufacturer can directly contact me.

Here is what food I feed my pets.

Why Magnum French Bulldogs does Dna health testing on dogs thru Embark?

We Use Embark because they are Most Accurate. This is from their website. Only Embark looks at 200K genetic markers to provide you with the makeup of your pup. That’s more than 100x the competition. Embark is the only dog DNA test that looks at as many genetic markers as human ancestry tests to put the pieces of your dog’s DNA puzzle together. That’s 100 times more than other tests. Embark is the only canine genetics company that uses a research-grade DNA genotyping platform, which our industry-leading scientists spent years developing at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. That not only means that we can give you the most accurate results, but it gives us the greatest potential to make future genetic discoveries. Every dog in our database brings us closer to realizing our goal of ending preventable disease in dogs. because your dog deserves the best. Please visit their website for lots more information.

Do you fly French Bulldogs ?

Yes, we do. Alaska Airlines allows French Bulldogs to fly on their planes under the seat in front of you. Here is a link to Alaska Airlines rules and information.

Does Magnum French Bulldogs allow you to come meet the puppies and parents?

Yes, we do allow visits. In order to keep our dogs healthy and safe We only allow deposit holding clients to visit our farm.

How much do Magnum French Bulldog puppies cost?

Our puppies are DNA health tested Thru Embark, Micro chipped, wormed, and Vaccinated by a Veterinarian. They start at $4,100.00 for standard colors including fawn, and black & white pied. Blues & Merles start at $4,500.00-$7,500.00 Red & Blue Fawn starts at $4,100. Cream, Black and Brindle start at $4,100.00 The puppies are priced after they are born.

Is there Sales Tax on dogs?

Yes, The State of Idaho Charges 6% sales tax on all dogs purchased in The State of Idaho.

What is a French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a small breed of domestic dog. "Frenchies" were the result in the 1800s of a cross between bulldog ancestors imported from England and local ratters in Paris. In 2014, they were the fourth most popular registered dog in the United Kingdom and in the U.S. the ninth most popular AKC registered dog breed. The Source Wikipedia

  • How inbred Are French Bulldogs According to Embark?

    Jess Barstis (embarkvet)

    May 1, 12:15 ADT

    Hi Trisha,

    Thank you for your message to us here at Embark! I appreciate your patience while I looked into this with my team, and apologized for any latency in response. We have found that the average COI for French Bulldogs rests around 20-30%. Unfortunately, we are unable to separate this data by location. Two of our team members recently published a paper demonstrating that examining lots of markers across the entire genome (as opposed to a smaller number of markers in specific regions) is the best way to increase overall genetic diversity that included French Bulldogs, which you may find interesting:

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions!



    Embark Vet

    What percentage of French Bulldogs that Embark has tested have a copy of Chondrodystrophy and Intervertebral Disc Disease, CDDY/IVDD, Type I IVDD?

    Jess B. (embarkvet)

    Sep 9, 2020, 10:23 AM EDT

    Hello Trisha,

    Thanks for reaching out to us here at Embark! My apologies for the delay in response, as we have been handling a much higher volume of inquiries than usual. We appreciate your patience!

    While I don't have specific published Embark statistics to share at this time, the majority of Embark-tested French Bulldogs do have at least one copy of the variant. Statistics published by other researchers show almost a 90% allele frequency within the breed.

    If we can assist with anything further, please feel free to reach out.



    Embark Vet

    What is Chondrodystrophy and Intervertebral Disc Disease, CDDY/IVDD, Type I IVDD

    Chondrodystrophy (CDDY) refers to the "long and low" body shape characteristic of many dog breeds including Dachshunds and Corgis. Recently, a mutation was discovered that not only predicted the chondrodystrophic body shape, but increases the risk of Type I intervertebral disc disease (IVDD or "slipped disc."). A dog with one or two copies of this mutation has an increased risk of developing IVDD compared to a dog with zero copies. Its effect on body shape is slightly different--a dog with one copy of the retrogene is likely to have longer legs than a dog with two copies, but shorter legs than a dog with zero copies. We measure this result using a linkage test.

    Please note that this mutation is extremely common in many small and chondrodystrophic dog breeds. In these breeds, this mutation may not be the strongest predictor of IVDD risk compared to other genetic or environmental factors; further, no genetic mutation is a guarantee of clinical disease. There is active research going in to the frequency of this mutation within particular breeds and how it impacts IVDD risk. It is likely that other genetic factors that can contribute to IVDD risk, as well as environmental factors. In addition, many chondrodystrophic dogs do NOT have this mutation--another even more common FGF4 retrogene on canine chromosome 18 also drives a chondrodyplastic body type, but is not associated with IVDD (described in Parker et al 2007).

    Citations Embark & Brown et al 2017, Batcher et al 2019

    How do I know if my dog will develop this health condition?

    Research indicates that dogs with one or two copies of this variant have a similar risk of developing IVDD. However, there are some breeds (e.g. Beagles and Cocker Spaniels, among others) where this variant has been passed down to nearly all dogs of the breed and most do not show overt clinical signs of the disorder. This suggests that there are other genetic and environmental factors (such as weight, mobility, and family history) that contribute to an individual dog’s risk of developing clinical IVDD. Signs of IVDD include neck or back pain, a change in your dog's walking pattern (including dragging of the hind limbs), and paralysis. These signs can be mild to severe, and if your dog starts exhibiting these signs, you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for a diagnosis.

    • In breeds where this variant is extremely common, this genetic health result should not be a deciding factor when evaluating a dog for breeding or adoption purposes.


    Dr. Kari Cueva

    Veterinary Geneticist at Embark

    What actions can I take?

    • Please tell your veterinarian about your dogs result.
    • Follow veterinary advice for diet, weight management, and daily exercise.
    • Ramps up to furniture, avoiding flights of stairs, and using a harness on walks will also help minimize some of the risk of an IVDD event.

    What is Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)?

    Is your dog at risk for DM? What the latest genetic research can tell you

    July 14, 2020

    How do you best apply an Embark health variant test result to your breeding program or to an individual dog’s health care? When our veterinary geneticists and professional services team at Embark field questions like these, our answers are always based on the scientific research behind the health variant in question, as well as the breed of dog tested. We asked our experts to share answers to common questions about the tested variant for Degenerative Myelopathy (SOD1A).

    What is Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)?

    A disease of mature dogs, DM is a progressive degenerative disorder of the spinal cord that can cause muscle wasting and gait abnormalities. Affected dogs do not usually show signs until they are at least 8 years old, where the first signs of neural degeneration appear in the nerves that innervate the hind limbs. An affected dog may scuff the tops of their hind paws or walk with a hesitant, exaggerated gait.

    In advanced cases, lower motor neurons are also affected leading to weakness and muscle wasting. This variant is reported to have incomplete penetrance, meaning not all dogs with two copies of the variant will go on to develop clinical signs and other genetic and environmental factors will contribute to whether a dog develops DM. Furthermore, this variant is only known to increase the risk of DM in certain breeds. Other breeds where this variant occurs but is not associated with DM risk likely have genetic factors protecting them from this disease.

    My dog has two copies of this variant and is listed as having increased risk for DM; now what?

    First, it is important to remember that the SOD1A variant is incompletely penetrant, so even in breeds where DM is a problem, many dogs testing at-risk from the variant will live long lives and never develop the disease.

    If your dog is considered at-risk, this should open the door to a discussion with your veterinarian. As DM is a late-onset condition and genetic risk does not mean that clinical signs are guaranteed, drastic measures should not be an immediate concern. However, there are supplements and lifestyle modifications that may be of benefit to your dog.

    Some non-medical things that can help with mobility and secondary injury to the feet include a harness (Help ‘Em Up Harness is a popular option) as well as using booties to minimize damage to nails from scuffing. Be sure to take the booties off when not in use as they can trap moisture and lead to infection.

    My dog has two copies of this variant but is not listed as having increased risk for DM; now what?

    For some breeds, research indicates that the SOD1A variant is not likely to increase the risk that a dog will develop DM. The SOD1A variant is found in many breeds of dogs, but researchers have only observed histopathological (microscopic) changes with this variant in a small number of breeds.

    When determining whether or not a variant is expected to have a clinical impact for a breed, we have taken into account research either published, internal, or otherwise presented by a subject matter authority as our primary criteria. For breeds where clinical risk from this variant is not likely, this genetic result should not be the primary factor in breeding decisions.

    What does it mean if my dog is a carrier?

    As DM has an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance, dogs with one copy of the variant would be termed “carriers” and not be expected to be at clinical risk. However, in breeds where the SOD1A mutation is associated with DM risk, carriers should not be bred to other carriers (or at-risk dogs) as this will lead to the production of at-risk puppies. You can visit our website and search for your breed. If the “Embark Recommended” icon appears next to Degenerative Myelopathy (SOD1A), then there is a known risk based on the current literature, and this result may need to be considered in breeding decisions.

    For all other breeds, while it is still important to track the incidence of the variant and clinical disease within lines to inform on future research, it is not recommended that this variant be used as the primary factor in breeding decisions, at this time. (Also, please note that the OFA will register DM results for any breed, so an OFA icon only indicates that it can be registered with the OFA and does not confer impact to the breed.)

    How can I help with research?

    We are interested to learn about the clinical impact of the SOD1A mutation in more breeds. If you know of dogs that have been definitively diagnosed with DM (via histopathology), and have tested as having one or two copies of the SOD1A mutation, we would appreciate that information for consideration during our health review process.

    Additionally, we’d like to hear from you about any health conditions a dog is diagnosed with. Please fill out our Annual Health Survey If you have not yet done so; your responses will help us help all dogs.

    Where can I learn more ?

    Understanding the genetic research behind your Embark test results can help you better assess them, so you can make confident breeding decisions.

    • Read the electronic breed reports we’ve created, showing health and coat color allele frequency for Embark tested dogs opted into research. You can contact us to see if your breed has a report available.
    • Learn more about how to apply genetic health results in the context of breed allele frequency, by watching this educational video from our CSO, Dr. Adam Boyko.

    Are Merle French Bulldogs recognized by the AKC? Below is what the Current colors allowed by the AKC

    *Below is copied from the AKC's website.*

    Official Standard of the French Bulldog

    General Appearance: The French Bulldog

    has the appearance of an active, intelligent, muscular

    dog of heavy bone, smooth coat, compactly built, and of medium or small structure. The hallmarks of the breed are the square head with bat ears and the roach back. Expression alert,curious, and interested.

    Proportion and Symmetry

    -All points are well distributed and bear good relation one to the other; no feature being in such prominence from either excess or lack of

    quality that the animal appears poorly proportioned.

    Influence of Sex

    In comparing specimens of different sex, due allowance is to be made in favor of bitches, which do not bear the characteristics of the breed to the same marked degree as do the dogs.Size, Proportion, Substance:

    Weight not to exceed 28 pounds; over 28 pounds is a



    -Distance from withers to ground in good relation to distance from

    withers to onset of tail, so that animal appears compact, well balanced and in good proportion.Substance

    Muscular, heavy bone.

    Head: Head large and square.Eyes dark brown or approaching black in color, wide apart, setlow down in the skull, as far from the ears as possible, round in form, of moderate size, neither sunken nor bulging. Lighter brown colored eyes are acceptable, but not desirable. Blue or green eye(s) or any traces of blue or green are a disqualification. No haw and no white of the eye

    showing when looking forward.Ears Known as the bat ear, broad at the base, elongated, with round top, set high on the head but not too close together, and carried erect with the orifice to the front. The leather of the ear fine and soft. Other than bat ears is a disqualification. The top of theskull flat between the ears; the forehead is not flat but slightly rounded. The muzzle broad, deepand well laid back; the muscles of the cheeks well developed. The stop well defined, causing a hollow groove between the eyes with heavy wrinkles forming a soft roll over the extremely short nose; nostrils broad with a well defined line between them. Nose black. Nose other than black isa disqualification except in the case of creams or fawns without black masks, where a lighter colored nose is acceptable but not desirable. Flews black, thick and broad, hanging over the lower jaw at the sides, meeting the underlip in front and covering the teeth and tongue, which are not seen when the mouth is closed. The underjaw is deep, square, broad, undershot and well turned up. Wry mouths and any bites other than undershot are serious faults.

    Neck, Topline, Body: The neck is thick and well arched with loose skin at the throat. The back is a roach back with a slight fall close behind the shoulders, gradually rising to the loin which is higher than the shoulder, and rounding at the croup. The back is strong and short, broader at the shoulders and tapering to the rear. The body is short and well rounded. The chest is broad, deep,and full; well ribbed with the belly tucked up. The tail is either straight or screwed (but notcurly), short, hung low, thick root and fine tip; carried low in repose.

    Forequarters: Forelegs are short, stout, straight, muscular and set wide apart. Dewclaws may be removed. Feet are moderate in size, compact and firmly set. Toes compact, well split up, with high knuckles and short stubby nails.

    Hindquarters: Hind legs are strong and muscular, longer than the forelegs, so as to elevate the loins above the shoulders. Hocks well let down.

    Feet are moderate in size, compact and firmly set. Toes compact, well split up, with high knuckles and short stubby nails; hind feet slightly longer than forefeet.

    Coat: Coat is brilliant, short and smooth. Skin is soft and loose, especially at the head and shoulders, forming wrinkles. Coats other than short and smooth are a disqualification.

    Color: Acceptable colors: white, cream, fawn (ranging from light fawn to a red fawn)or any combinations of the foregoing. Markings and patterns are: brindle, piebald, black masks black shadings and white markings. Ticking is acceptable but not desired. Brindle ranges from sparse , but clearly defined black stripes on a fawn background to such heavy concentration of blackstriping that the essential fawn background color barely shows through (“black brindle”). Only a trace of the background color is necessary; in a brindle piebald, a trace of the brindle patterning in any patch is sufficient.

    All other colors,

    markings or patterns are a disqualification.

    Disqualifying colors and patterns include, but are not limited to, solid black, black and tan, black and white, white with black, blue, blue fawn, liver, and merle. Black means black without a trace of brindle.

    Gait: Correct gait is a “four tracking” foot pattern with the front track wider than the rear track. The movement should have reach and drive and is unrestrained, free and vigorous.

    Temperament: Well behaved, adaptable, and comfortable companions with anaffectionate nature and even disposition; generally active, alert, and playful, but not unduly boisterous.

    Disqualifications: Over 28 pounds in weight. Blue or green eye(s) or any traces of blue or green. Other than bat ears. Nose other than black, except in the case of cream or fawncolored dogs without black masks, where a lighter colored nose is acceptable. Coats other than short and smooth. All coat colors other than those specifically described (e.g.,Solid black, black and tan,black and white,white and black, blue, blue fawn, liver, and merle).Black means blackwithout a trace of brindle. All other patterns and markings other than specifically described.

    Approved April 10, 2018 Effective June 5, 2018

    Do you sell dogs for Breeding?

    Thank you for asking we do not sell dogs for breeding only Family members/pets. We want our puppies to have the best possible homes and life.

    Magnum French Bulldogs Health Contract

    French Bulldog Puppy Contract & Limited Health Guarantee

    The word "limited" is used because there are conditions that are very common to the French Bulldog that are not covered by this guarantee.

    "Before I committed to being a breeder of French Bulldogs, I spent years researching and finding out all the information about them that I could and after all of my research I decided I was willing to accept and assume all of the expense and medical risks associated with owning them. I have made it my priority to only breed the healthiest and best quality dogs possible but that still does not mean I can eliminate all the common issues within these breeds. Our puppies have a one-year health guarantee, please keep in mind that a health guarantee is a not a promise that a genetic issue will never occur. It is a promise that tells you exactly what I plan to do for you if an issue arises. I try my best to health test my breeding stock, by doing regular vet visits, and health testing for the breed; But just like with people sometimes two healthy adults bred together can produce a puppy that is not. Even if you do not plan to breed, as a pet owner you must be fully aware that despite our best efforts to produce only the healthiest puppies through selective breeding and long-term evaluations that we cannot prevent all defects within these breeds from popping up. You as a Buyer must be fully prepared to endure the long-term care and vet expenses that come with owning these wonderful and truly unique little dogs."

    Buyer declares that they have done their research on the breed they have chosen and are fully aware of the health risks associated with this breed as well as training and housing requirements.

    Buyer understands that French bulldogs are extremely sensitive to heat and extreme cold and are meant to be INDOOR dogs only. All precautions should be taken to protect them during outings in hot or extreme cold weather. Any outside temperatures over 70 degrees, especially in humid climates, can be deadly to your French bulldog. Heat stroke can happen in MINUTES!

    Buyer understands and is fully aware that NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY REASON other than those stated in this agreement.

    Seller guarantees said puppy, until it turns ONE year old, is free from any LIFE-THREATENING congenital defects related to the following conditions only:

    1. Life threatening heart defects (heart murmurs must be a grade 3 or higher).

    2. Neurological disorders.

    3. Liver shunts.

    4. Luxating patella’s (must be at least a grade 4 to warrant a replacement).

    5. Severe hip dysplasia (must be confirmed by x-ray and be graded severe and requiring euthanasia or surgery. Mild/moderate dysplasia is not covered as it is impossible to determine if it is congenital or environmental. Environmental means through repeated trauma to the undeveloped joints through rough play, too much exercise, jumping on and off furniture and decks, etc.).

    6. ***severe spinal abnormalities*** Most French and English bulldogs have at least one hemivertebrae, if not more. Replacements for spinal issues will be discussed on a case by case basis considering the quality of life of your dog, the opinion of your vet and whether surgery is necessary. (Please do not let your dog jump from high surfaces, as this can increase the chances of a ‘normal’ hemivertebrae becoming problematic). Hemi vertebrae found in routine x-ray that are not problematic will NOT be considered for replacement.

    7. Any other LIFE-THREATENING CONGENITAL defects will be discussed on a case by case basis. Buyer understands that conditions not listed in this contract are not guaranteed for replacement.

    8. Embark DNA health testing results show that All French Bulldogs tests show them as carriers with one or two copies of Chondrodystrophy and Intervertebral Disc Disease, CDDY/IVDD.

    This is stating French Bulldogs body type. IT is not a medical diagnosis.

    I have more information on my website here.

    Buyer understands that the following conditions are very common within the French bulldog breed and are NOT covered under the Guarantee.

    Brachycephalic syndrome (breathing difficulties)

    Pinched nares

    Stenotic nares

    Collapsed nostrils

    ​Elongated Soft Palate

    ​tracheal hypoplasia (narrow trachea)

    Snoring (especially when overweight)

    Overheating/heat stroke (especially when overweight)

    ​Stool eating (as gross as it sounds it is very common in bulldogs)

    Entropion (in-turned eyelids)

    Ectropian (turned out/loose droopy eyelids)

    Cherry Eye

    inverted vulvas

    luxating patella’s (Less than a grade 4)

    ​straight stifles

    ​splayed feet

    ​loose hips/elbows (bowed/fiddle front)

    ​knuckling over (this is diet related condition)

    kinked, crooked, or inverted tails

    ​tail pockets

    hot spots

    ​interdigital cysts

    yeast infections

    ​ear infections due to yeast or allergies


    wry jaw

    ​crooked teeth

    ​excessive shedding

    ​difficulties in house/crate training (it is not uncommon to take up to a year or longer to fully house/crate train a French or English bulldog).

    Skin issues such as dry flaky skin (in most cases this can be fixed with a change in diet and adding supplements like Fish oil to their diet)

    Allergies (in most cases allergies are environmental. It is not uncommon to have seasonal grass, weed, and pollen allergies)

    We have found our French Bulldogs have less allergies eating TLC Food.

    Buyer understands that MOST French and English bulldogs cannot swim well, and all precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of your bulldog. Anytime activities with your bulldog will include bodies of water or swimming pools the Seller HIGHLY ADVISES using a life vest! Better safe than sorry.

    Buyer’s Initial: ______________

    This Puppy is being sold into a PET HOME ONLY, the puppy is not to be bred, and will need to spay /or neutered. when your Vet Recommends when Spay/neuter is convenient for the owner and. Proof of alteration will need to be sent to the seller before the puppy is 1.5-year-old. Breeding this puppy will void this contract, and if the puppy is bred, the seller will pursue immediate legal recourse against the buyer and the buyer will owe the breeder $5,000 in damages PER PUPPY, and the dog will need to be returned to the breeder. We take this matter very seriously as puppies sold into PET HOMES are not intended for breeding and this is at the sole discretion of the seller. Breeding French Bulldogs is not an easy task, requires a reproduction Veterinary Specialist and can endanger the life of the puppy if not performed correctly. Buyer understands a puppy is sold at a discounted price because the puppy is intended to be a PET ONLY; breeders or those intending to breed do pay extra fees for full breeding rights. You also give permission for any photographs shared on social media or sent to the breeder may be shared on Magnum Frenchie Bulldogs social media.

    Buyer’s Initial: ______________

    Buyer certifies that he/she is not acting as an agent (broker) for another individual in the purchase of this puppy and will not sell this puppy to any mass-producing kennel (puppy mill) or business.

    Buyer’s Initial: ______________

    We promise we will be here for you and your new family member for life! But if you for any reason you have a negative experience with us, you are to not disclose private dealings on social media including Facebook, Instagram, Google etc. Posting negatively on social media will void our contract.

    We ask if a problem arises that you follow this contract, as it is in place for when things do not go as planned.

    Buyer’s Initial: _______________All Magnum French Bulldog puppies are health checked by our veterinarian within 14 days of purchase date. The wellness check document is included and part of this contract. Any minor health issue(s) or defect(s) found during our vet’s examination of the puppy you have selected will be disclosed to you. If there are minor issues, you will have the option of passing on this puppy and waiting for another litter, of having your deposit refunded, or of accepting this puppy with the known issue(s).

    Magnum French Bulldogs LIMIT OF REFUND LIABILITY: (1) If no later than 3 days after purchasing this puppy from Magnum French Bulldogs: The purchaser has the dog examined by a veterinarian and the examination (including at least one snap test and a lab analysis) reveals that the dog has contracted:

    (a) Parvo. * Parvo Virus is considered “ubiquitous” (existing or being everywhere at the same time: constantly encountered: widespread) and can infect a dog or puppy in any environment. Common incubation time is 3-7 days. Therefore, after 5 days we consider any infection of the puppy to be the sole responsibility of the purchaser. At the expense of the Buyer, this puppy should be examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours of possession to VALIDATE the Health Guarantee. Proof of the Health Exam (a receipt for office exam will suffice) from the Buyer's veterinarian dated no more than 48 hours from the date of said puppy left the Seller's possession MUST be emailed/mailed to the Seller immediately following the exam or the Guarantee is VOID. If a copy of the Health Exam is not received within 14 days of the date said puppy left the Seller's possession this Health Guarantee is VOID.

    Should said puppy be found to be in ill health during the veterinarian exam, the cause of which is clearly attributable to the Seller, the puppy may, upon a written and conclusive diagnosis and a description of the puppy in question from a veterinarian, be returned to the Seller for another puppy of equal value when one is available. Buyer understands that once the puppy leaves the Seller's possession there are some common conditions that can affect puppies that are NOT COVERED under this guarantee. Coccidiosis (Coccidia), giardia, and kennel cough (upper respiratory) are not covered in this contract, all of which can be common in puppies, and neither are life threatening and are easily treated. Seller HIGHLY recommends you (the Buyer) do not place your puppy on the ground in public places until their immune system is better developed after 18 weeks of age. We also HIGHLY recommend you do NOT visit dog parks/doggie day cares.

    These places are breeding grounds for disease and illness even for vaccinated adult dogs!

    Buyer understands that there MUST BE A CONCLUSIVE DIAGNOSIS in writing from the Buyer's veterinarian to Magnum French Bulldogs Veterinarian. before a replacement puppy will be offered for any congenital defect or condition listed in this contract. A speculative or inconclusive diagnosis WILL NOT warrant a replacement puppy from the Seller. No Exceptions!

    Magnum French Bulldogs is not responsible for Veterinarian Bills unless authorized by Magnum French Bulldogs.

    (b) Intestinal Parasites or Bacteria Including Coccidia and Giardia. These are considered common occurrences found in puppies until their immune system matures. Like most other animals, dogs are plagued by a wide variety of internal (such as roundworms, whipworm, hookworm, and heartworm) and the external parasites (such as fleas, ticks, ear mites and mange). Unfortunately , many of these parasites have a complex life cycles which enable them to survive even in the best-kept households.

    Puppies can contract any of these diseases from any environment. We take precautions to avoid these conditions and require that you do the same in preparing your home and after receiving your puppy

    (1) If no later than one year after purchasing this puppy from Magnum French Bulldogs The purchaser has the dog examined by a veterinarian and the examination reveals that the dog has a life threatening genetic or hereditary disease or defect. Magnum French Bulldogs does not guarantee against any condition which is not 100% conclusively hereditary. (3) To qualify for a refund for disease or disorder as stated above: The purchaser, no later than four business days after the dated veterinary examination that revealed the disease or disorder, must:

    (a) Provide Magnum French Bulldogs with a dated written statement by the examining veterinarian that the dog has a Life-threatening disease or congenital defect, also any radiographs, lab analysis, all case notes, etc. as it pertains to said condition.

    (b) Provide Magnum French Bulldogs with proof of the sale, including but not limited to, the date of sale. (c) Upon a mutual agreement of the purchaser and Magnum French Bulldogs: Magnum French Bulldogs may seek a second opinion from a veterinarian of our choosing.

    (4) If your puppy dies during the one-year guarantee period, and you believe it is the result of a defect or illness covered under this guarantee, you will pay for a necropsy (autopsy) to ascertain the precise reason for the death. Upon determination of a genetic disorder or a severe illness diagnosed at the time of delivery, your puppy will be replaced with a puppy of equal quality, at our discretion, when we have one available. You are responsible for all shipping costs related to the replacement puppy. Magnum French Bulldogs does not do refunds. We may offer the purchaser a replacement puppy of equal value.

    before a replacement puppy will be offered. Shipping costs/transportation for a replacement puppy are the responsibility of the Buyer.

    Buyer understands and agrees that the Seller is not responsible for any veterinary medical expenses incurred by the Buyer once said puppy has left possession of the Seller.

    Purchaser Initial____________


    This contract does NOT cover: ANY condition caused by insufficient care of the puppy after you have responsibility for it. This contract does not cover injuries, illnesses, or debilitating disorders that result from accidents, neglect, or improper care, including injuries sustained from a jump or fall from an excessive height or from excessive exertion or stress, especially in hot weather. You, the owner, agree to provide quality food, adequate shelter (the French Bulldog is primarily an inside dog and does not tolerate excessive heat or cold), regular vet checks, and age appropriate vaccinations and deworming (including heartworm medication) and other medication as determined by a qualified vet. Failure to provide proper care for your French Bulldog will void this warranty. Frenchie’s generally do not swim and do not tolerate exertion and stress as well as non-brachycephalic breeds.

    (3) It is your responsibility to safeguard the puppy’s health and immediately provide medical treatments for it when needed. Also, you agree that you have received a written health record at the time of sale from Magnum French Bulldogs that has recorded

    All sales are final and irreversible with the only exceptions being those as stated above. Both the seller and the purchaser agree that this contract and sale of this puppy is under the jurisdiction of the state of Idaho, the county of Bonner.


    This contract does not cover neglect, improper care, abuse or accidents that may result in life-threatening conditions or death. The buyer agrees to keep the puppy away from dog parks, grassy areas, pet stores, etc., until the puppy is at least 18 weeks of age and has received final vaccinations. The buyer assumes responsibility for protecting the puppy from loss, theft, danger, neglect and abuse. The buyer agrees to provide puppy with routine preventive care and follow a veterinarian guideline for vaccination and deworming protocol. Buyer agrees to provide high quality care, food, and shelter to the puppy for the remainder of its natural life. Buyer promises to keep the puppy in a proper manner and provide appropriate care and socialization. Said puppy shall not be kept permanently in a crate or in a small confined area where it is unable to achieve proper exercise and socialization needed for the health and well-being of said puppy. If the buyer no longer has the ability or financial means to provide these things the buyer agrees to contact the seller and give the seller an opportunity to take the puppy back into the care of the seller, at no charge to the seller. Seller agrees to pay for all transportation costs involved in returning the puppy. Buyer agrees that the dog is not purchased for resale nor will it be used or trained for activities which are illegal or for which it is not suited by reason of temperament or conformation. Specifically, it will NOT be used as a guard or attack dog or to hunt or fight other animals. The Buyer agrees that he/she will not sell, transfer ownership or possession of the puppy or any of his/her progeny to any person or organization whose intent it is to resell (pet store), trade, give away the dog, or use it in any experiments, laboratory or otherwise or to use it as breeding stock for a puppy mill. This dog cannot be sold or given away without written permission from Seller. If this dog should ever be unable to be kept by Purchaser, the Seller should be notified immediately. Any warranties or guarantees offered to the original buyer are not transferable.

    Buyer’s Initial: ______________

    The puppy is not guaranteed to be show quality, breed-able, adult size, color, hair coat, temperament or trainability of puppy and is further understood that there’s no guarantee or representation that has been made with respect to the sold puppy except as set forth in writing in this agreement. We guarantee that the above puppy is a purebred French Bulldog.

    Buyer's Initial: ______________

    Buyers are required to sign a contract prior to puppy being shipped or picked up. Buyers that require puppy to be shipped can request to receive contract by e-mail or by mail. be sent. One copy needs to be signed/dated/and returned to seller in a timely manner either by mail or email. Failure to return signed contract to seller prior to puppy's ship out date will result in cancellation of this contract, which means the buyer will forfeit any right to compensation from seller, ever.

    If the Buyer is unable to meet for delivery or pickup their pup by 12 weeks of age the Buyer agrees to pay a boarding fee of $10 PER DAY that the puppy remains in the Seller's possession beyond 12 weeks of age to cover care and expenses of said puppy, up to 30 days. If the Buyer fails to pay for shipping, meet for delivery, or pickup said puppy after 30 days of boarding the Buyer agrees to forfeit their deposit and said puppy may then be resold by the Seller.

    By signing this agreement, you are waiving your right to a jury or bench trial and you are agreeing to arbitrate all claims arising or related to your puppy purchased from Magnum French Bulldogs. It is further understood the buyer will be responsible for all fees for the arbitration. The arbitration will also take place in Spirit Lake, Idaho.

    Buyer’s Initial: ______________

    9. It is understood, this contract ONLY applies to the original buyer and is NON transferable.

    Buyer’s Initial: ______________

    Here in termed the Buyer, on _______________________________: Hereby enter into and agree to abide by the terms set forth herein and consider this to be a legal and binding contract. By signing below, you understand the conditions of this contract.


    Buyer’s Signature Print Date

    ____________________________ Seller’s Signature Print Date

    This is a legal and binding contract you are signing. Legal action can be taken if not fulfilled.


    Signature Date

    BREED:- French Bulldog




    SEX:- PUPPY I.D.

    24hr Pet Watch 1-866-597-2424

    Name :



    Deposit $

    Balance $

    SPECIAL DISCLOSURES: The next Vaccines are due on or before

    Please see worm & Vaccine record below.

    Food is a very important aspect to caring for your new Family member. Never feed your French Bulldog table scraps or people food. We do not Recommend Grain free or a raw diet!!

    Over the years we have used several foods for Our Frenchie’s.

    We have found our Frenchie’s have flourished

    21 years and no recalls, their Vet Formulated food has probiotics, and prebiotics. Their food is made in small batches and then shipped directly to you, so it is fresher, healthier, and safer. If they have ever had a recall or problem, they have your contact information.

    Your Puppy is Eating TLC Puppy Food.

    Worming Record

    Please talk to your veterinarian about heartworm, and fleas if applicable in your area. Idaho does not have heartworms or fleas.

    Why do French Bulldogs Cost so much Money?

    In order to breed high quality French Bulldogs it is not cheap. We do DNA Health Testing on All of Our dogs and puppies thru Embark. We also have Our dogs hips, heart, and elbows tested at 2 years of Age.

    There is a great deal of time, research, effort and expense involved in raising a bulldog litter. It can cost around $8,000- $11,000 to breed, deliver and raise a litter without consideration for the time invested. The average litter size is about 2-5 puppies, getting a female ready for breeding requires ovulation testing, approximately 3-4 trips to the vet. Usually the female is artificially inseminated, more trips to the vet, not to mention the cost of the stud.

    Then you wait four weeks for ultrasound/x rays which can cost from $225-$250 depending on the vet, this is important to be sure that the female is pregnant. Special diets and constant monitoring for the next five weeks, plus getting the nursery ready with all the necessary tools, whelping box can cost around $500-$800 depending on the size, besides all that you need towels, bottles, heating pads, blankets medical supplies, milk replacement, puppy weight scale and the list goes on.

    Then comes the C-SECTION which can cost up to $3,500. We Always Need A C-SECTION! French Bulldogs' heads are very large and can get stuck. Raising a litter is exhausting yet enjoyable. We watch the puppies around the Clock until the puppies are 4 weeks old and then you can take a short break :) You have to constantly watch the mother and the puppies (until 4 weeks) so the mother doesn’t accidentally lay on one of her pups. The puppies are usually checked 3-4 times by the vet during the 9 weeks including deworming, shots and health tests.

    Where did this breed originate from?

    French Bulldogs originated from England,France. The first French Bulldogs were brought to America in 1885 by wealthy Society ladies.

    What is the AKC definition for French Bulldogs?

    The American Kennel Club or AKC for short, describes French Bulldogs as "an active, intelligent, muscular dog, with a smooth coat, compact medium build, and weighing 28 pounds or less. They are expressive, alert, and curious. They are the 6th most popular AKC ranking dog.

    Do they make good family pets?

    Absolutely. They love to please their family. They love to play and snuggle with you. They are not the type of breed that just prefers one person in your household the way that some dogs do. These dogs love everyone in the house. However, their happiness is dependent on human companionship. If you're not able to spend lots of time with your Frenchie, you may want to consider a different breed of dog.

    Is there a difference between males & females?

    Each puppy/dog has its own a unique personality of their own. We have found Males to be more laid back & Females to be more feisty and Alpha in their personality. If you currently have a dog, I would suggest getting a dog of the opposite sex. Dogs of the same sex tend to fight.

    One thing we cannot stress enough is the importance of spaying & neutering your dog. Males before 6 months of age and Females after their 1st heat cycle or when your Vet feels is best for your dog.

    What are the dangers of heat stroke?

    The shorter breathing system of the French bulldog is also what puts them at such a strong risk for "Heat Stroke". Shorter airways = less possibility of cooling the air which the dogs draws into it's body. Never, ever underestimate these dogs susceptibility to heat stroke. Limit their exposure to temperatures which you might personally find only mildly hot. Be conscious of the proximity to hot pavement.

    NEVER leave a Frenchie in a locked car even in warm weather. They should always have lots of access to fresh water, shade, and cool areas to escape from the heat. You should always be alert and be prepared with the things you need to save your dogs life.

    Just as it's cousin the English Bulldog, they are not good swimmers and can not take excessive heat or cold.

    What are some possible problems that could arise with Frenchies?

    • Frenchies overheat EASILY and should NEVER EVER be left in a car. **see Heat Stroke in above question**
    • Never leave your Frenchie in a yard UNATTENDED! They are prime dogs to be stolen. They also can get bit by a bee or wasp, even a snake and have an allergic reaction, which could lead to swelling and breathing difficulties as well as death.
    • Frenchies can have expensive veterinary needs due to their being brachycephalic.
    • Frenchies cannot swim (well most of them) and should not be around water unsupervised, ever.
    • Frenchies DO SNORE and sometimes very loudly, so beware if you are a light sleeper.

    Pet Insurance is it worth it?

    We recommend you consider Pet Insurance Or have money in your saving account for emergencies.

    If you enroll your dog as a puppy in pet insurance they cover up to 90% on Vet bills..

    Is there a brand of dog food/treats that are preferred?


    Fill out my online form.